SMSWORKS360 Allows You to Quickly and Easily Communicate During Any Event

Reach People Quickly with an Easy-to-Use Mass Notification Solution

Large amount of SMS messages sent at the same time is referred to as bulk SMS. Using SMSWORKS360 web-interface or desktop application, you can reach your large audiences, groups or individuals almost instantly via your internet connected computer. SMS is the only medium that enables almost instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location!

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Personalize SMS

Our Bulk SMS platforms enable users to send messages using their preferred Sender IDs. NB: Sender ID must not exceed 11 characters

SMS Analytics & Reports

Our Bulk Messaging platform provides users with in-depth analytics on messages sent. Users are able to monitor delivery rates and failed messages.

Low Fees

As low as N3, you can start sending messages to your customer

Easy and Reliable

Nigeria's only dependable Bulk SMS service with a 99.9% delivery rate. We are the Text Messaging Experts.

Only pay for what you use.

Prices start at N3/message
SMSWORKS360 has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. No hidden fees or subscriptions.

Single & Bulk SMS

Quickly schedule and send SMS blast to everyone at once. Reach unlimited contacts with a single SMS Message

Real-time SMS Reporting & Analytics

Our Bulk Messaging platform provides users with in-depth analytics for messages sent. Analyze SMS delivery rates and failed messages.

Global Connectivity

Our global infrastructure enables us to provide you with reliable SMS connectivity to over 150 regions worldwide.

Business solutions.

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