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Reliable & fast interaction with the client becomes increasingly important in today's business environment, together with the ever-increasing number of communication channels.. Read more

SMSWorks360 - About Us

SMSWorks360, Nigeria’s cheapest, most affordable and most reliable web based Bulk SMS Platform where quality of service is guaranteed.. We provide service in the following area, BulkSMS, Voice sms / Robo call, Email Marketing in Nigeria, SMS Marketing, Reseller Service. We also provide you with...

Two-Way SMS

This service provides the ability to send/receive SMS to/from mobile phones to a specific number for making auto-responders. The user requests a service by sending a special text to the system.

Text Direct

At SMSworks360, we promise and deliver unrivaled value: efficient communication. Our Text Direct solution

Best SMS Deal Anywhere

SMSWorks360 is an SMS and other related services brand which has sprung up to take the world to its next phase in information dissemination. We offer bulk sms messaging service. It is very suitable for wedding/birthday invitation, sales/event promotion, creating brand awareness and special...

SIM Hosting

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Hosting is a special service enabling you to access your incoming SMS and to send outgoing SMS over the Internet at anytime, from anywhere.

Keyword Hosting

The keyword is the first word your customers will write in the text message. It identifies which messages are meant for you.

Exclusive Discounts And Great Pricing Offers

We guarantee you the most cost effective pricing

we understand the importance of helping your business grow and we have got the simplest, fastest, most reliable and cheapest SMS solution in Nigeria for sending customized bulk SMS messages


Sign up

To open an account, follow these steps: Step1: click on the sign up link above and fill the form. Step 2: Pay into our bank account (see details below) with your email as depositor. (Minimum Amount is =N=500)

Smartphone Applications

We have gone another step ahead!. Now our platform allows you to send SMS in more ways then one through several intuitive channels.




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